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i’ve a Thecus N7700 7-bay power set to RAID-6 on XFS file system. The hardware is all functioning successfully. i was walking out of area and was deleting unneeded percentage folders, using the Thecus Administrator internet UI. I mis-clicked and ended up deleting a folder that I DID want. there was no similarly writing to the server, so in theory all documents ought to be intact. I’m using the Risc Group (see http://risc-group.co.uk/) ability to repair the shared folder, making the documents reachable once more?

Dell Studio XPS computer coffee spilled on Key Board, The pc will no longer switch on. i would both like the gadget repaired or MS office medical doctors recovered collectively with photographs.

My outside hard force is making very bizarre noises. i have just moved house so it probably has been dropped sooner or later. My computer now will no longer even select up that the pressure is connected.

HDD is going into healing however no further i’ve a trouble with home windows Boot supervisor – windows has encountered a trouble speaking with a tool connected in your pc. fame : 0xc00000e9

i have a Toshiba DT01ACA100 HDD 1TB wherein the pins on the PCB for the electricity have burnt. Is there besides that you can replace the PCB and get the disk running again.

we’ve a customer who has had their computer reimaged, and we’ve in the end observed there was 2.5 years of labor stored at the C pressure. could you offer some indicative pricing for a recovery strive? records Replay offerings say they could do the work for £195.

difficult force now not running – creating a beeping sound, absolutely the pressure isn’t without a doubt going round.. pc searching for it, however getting an errors message. need to get better crucial commercial enterprise facts.

i’ve a hard power that labored perfectly and all of a surprising stopped it now says to many terrible sectors . It had some photos from my work inside the early days of my photography but it’s the snap shots and many others of my little boy i am trying to recover . Do you suspect that is viable please ? I’ve been recommended that I use the Risc Group as I have heard good reports of their abilities in recovering data from hard drives.
WD-Passport Ultra – when connected to laptop, makes rattling noise, the light on the drive blinks for a little while followed by rattle then freezes. The drive does not show up on laptop. I am in London.

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