Macbook Data Recovery

I have a MacBook Pro 13 inches year 2009. I was using and external WD My Passport Ultra to back up my files. Today I haven’t been able to open it on my computer. Sometimes appears, but others doens’t, and I see the files, but I’m not being able to open them. Would you be able to solve this without loosing the files of my external drive?

Over the weekend, the WD My Book desktop hardrive stopped working. It could be a problem with the power cable. The data I need recovering is vital (photographs for my business). I also need the satay recovers immediately. I hope you can help.

The problem is that I dropped my WD Passport hard drive. It still flashes and the disk spins – BUT it is not reading or recognising the drive – so files cannot be seen/saved etc. Any ideas who be greatly received.

I’ve got an old externally powered Macbook hard drive that just won’t work. The problem was described on this blog page and it has lots of sentimental value, family pictures and things. It hasn’t worked in years and I feel part of the problem is I plugged a laptop power cable into it rather than the Hard drive power unit. It would be amazing if there was a way to recover data from it. Typically image files, Jpeg/RAW (cr2/Nef files) and a few video files. If you could suggest next steps and potential solutions along with fees I’d appreciate it.

I have an old iPhone 5 that is disabled as I can not remember the passcode. There are text messages on that phone that I need as evidence in a court case on the 15th June. Having been in touch with apple support and checked the icloud backup they have advised I contact a data retrieval company. Please can you help or offer any advise at all?

Samsung S6 fell onto road and was hit by vehicle. case okay but screen significantly cracked, etc. Key lights still on and occasional flash across screen but otherwise inoperative. Heated up significantly before battery expired. When plugged into laptop blue indicator light comes back on and ‘pulses’ but no other signs of life. Would like recovery of contacts, calendar, and photos/videos.

Drive used to connect and now now longer does. I can hear the drive start but won’t connect to any computers to pull the data. Originally only started on a Dell so I thought it was that particular laptop and always connected to the Mac to pull files off without issue, now doesn’t connect to anything. I have replaced the connecting cable and still won’t connect.

Last used my Macbook 2006(ish). if i remember correctly it was failing to power up/boot up. was my old uni computer, had shared access from house members. was full of uni photos that i am keen to retrieve. Also, have old apple ibook (white) hdd that i recovered from my laptop about the same time. At the time i was able to pull the hdd and plug in a converter for usb. last i tried this, it failed, i think it was a file format option that came up, i said to do it…… and not been able to access the data since! again, lots of uni day pictures which can’t be accessed

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